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Moore Thoughts is a lifestyle blog for men and women featuring cool life hacks, life tips, tech tips & love tips. Follow us to become a better you. Our goal is to provide our readers with interesting and helpful content, presented in a fun and edgy way.

Topics We Cover:

  • Life Hacks and Life Tips: See the latest life hacks and life tips that will help you become a better you.
  • Love, Dating & Relationships: See lifestyle topics related to love, dating, and relationships.
  • Health & Fitness: See tips and trends related to diet, exercise, fitness, and health.
  • Tech & Web: See technology related news and reviews, tips and tutorials, and gadgets and gizmos. Find out what tech you should be using and what to avoid.
  • News and Trends: Discover newsworthy topics and the latest cool trends.

Our Writers:

  • Michelle Moore: Michelle is freelance writer and web developer based in Washington, DC. Her interests includes photography, graphic arts, and topics related to love and relationships. She’s also a contributor to our sister site, Geek Chic Daily.
  • Quentin Moore: Quentin is a self proclaimed Tech Guru and spends most of his non-working hours playing with or blogging about tech gadgets. He manages the technology for Moore Thoughts when he’s not busy running Tech Ranker.

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