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Windows 10 Cortana Commands List

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Windows 10 Cortana Commands List - Voice Commands

With the pending release of Windows 10, Microsoft will introduce for the first time its Cortana personal assistant app to desktops and tablets.  Similar to Siri and Google Now, Cortana allows users to operate and interact with Windows 10 computers and phones using natural language commands.  Check out this article containing a comprehensive Windows 10 Cortana Commands list, as well as a tutorial video.

  1. william says

    what day is it

  2. ANISH ANTONY says

    Please make the arrangement to teach the Cortana by their on personal voices by adding teaching methods because every ones sound and pronunciations may differ according to the places speech includes all letters the user must teach a,b,c,d, …z then some 10 to 20 sentences before starting his or her personal assistant it is only my suggestion otherwise everyone cannot use this and thanks if you spare time for reading this

  3. Kenneth Moore says

    Good Day, To whom this may concern. I have been using Cortana as soon as I installed windows 10. I would like to say so far I am satisfied with Cortana, but I am wondering when I will be able to hold a back and forth conversation with Cortana. If this is already being done please send me the web site,app,link. HA ha Thank You

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