Samsung Galaxy S6 Pros and Cons (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pros and Cons - Advantages and Disadvantages

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. Some people are already calling it one of the best Android smartphones available on the market. Every year, the Galaxy S is released with new specs and features. The new 2015 Galaxy S6 is no different.

The S6 is facing strong competition these days, however. It’s being challenged by the iPhone 6 Plus, Motorola Droid Turbo, and the LG G4. Should you choose the S6 over the rest? To answer this question, let’s review the Samsung Galaxy S6 Pros and Cons. [Read more…]

iPhone 6 Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages)

iPhone 6 Plus Pros and Cons Advantages and Disadvantages

I just picked up the new iPhone 6 Plus.  After using it for about two weeks I can tell you that it’s the best iPhone of all time!  It’s not without it shares of negatives, however.  In my latest article, I cover the iPhone 6 Plus pros and cons.  I review its top advantages and disadvantages.  If you are considering purchasing the iPhone 6 Plus, be sure to check out this article beforehand.

iPhone 6 Pre-Order Dates and Time, Release Date

iphone 6 plus pre-order - release date - store hours 3

Want to get the new iPhone 6 on launch day? The iPhone 6 Pre-order starts tomorrow, September 12th, 2014.  See this article for details on when and where to order, which iPhone 6 to get, and suggestions for the best iPhone 6 Accessories.

If you are planning to wait until launch day to buy an iPhone 6, don’t do it.  You will face long lines and limited inventory.  Pre-ordering is the way to go!